Brotherhoodfinale um Platz 2 (Borussen)

verfasst von CroatianSensation(R) - Oberhausen - 07.10.2017, 15:24:01

Before the game between the teams of Ukraine and Croatia, we would like to say some words to Ukrainian fans and also fans from Croatia, who are planning to visit this match.

We want to remind, that in March, when teams played their match in Zagreb, we had an agreement with Croatian fans about a "non-aggression". Here's the news about it: - on that day no excesses happened to away fans from Ukraine and those who were able to communicate and relax with the Croatian fans personally felt hospitality and friendly attitude to themselves. Now it is time to play match in Kyiv. We follow the same idea - we have nothing to quarrel over with Croatian fans. We do not plan any aggressive actions against them.

We ask all fans and regular citizens to have the same opinion about Croatian fans you might meet in your cities. We expect an adequate behavior from the Croatian guests in return.

Useful information for fans from Croatia: if you need any help in Kyiv, you can go to Dynamo Kyiv Ultras store - «ULTRA». The store is located at: 66-B, Saksaganskogo street, which is about a 15-min walk from Olimpiyskiy Stadium. working hours are 11 a.m-20p.m. You can also get help or tips by writing to our mail:


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